Hello world!

My name is Andrew and I want to welcome you to the wonderful world of art 🙂 I’m an artist myself, although not quite a professional one. I’m still studying and, of course, I’m going to be studying long after I graduate from the art college. But that’s the whole point, the process of self-perfection is infinite 🙂 There is always something new you can learn or at least you can always improve something old. I love learning. It expands my horizons and makes me feel alive. Stagnation slowly kills you, even though you don’t always notice it. But, over the years, you start realizing how many opportunities you have missed and how little time you still have left. This time keeps shrinking, every day, every minute. So we’d better start living now, this very moment! Oops, didn’t wanna sound so pessimistic 🙂 Let’s end on a brighter note: life is wonderful and it’s all ours for the taking! 🙂


Chasing the sun

The great gig in the sky

Do you know a person who doesn’t love sea? I don’t! I guess that’s simply impossible. There is something magical in the sight of the open water. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that we all came out of the ocean millions years ago. Nothing can relax and inspire me more than the endless undulating sea surface. When it’s time for me to start living a serious life, I’ll settle down with my family in a small cozy house at the beach, with a terrace facing west… I love sunsets. They are… like paintings! The giant canvas of the sky, always painted anew. If I could rewatch my favorite sunsets like movies, one by one, I would do it on a regular basis 🙂 Hmm, filming a sunset, I never thought of that… You see, writing a blog isn’t so useless after all! 🙂

It’s on the tip of the brush

Being such a sunset lover, I never miss that small time gap to work on my sunset painting skills. When the sun starts going down, I walk out in the street or at least come up to a window from where I can capture the splendid play of colors in the sky. I’ve only got about half an hour or even less, so I have my palette and easel ready to set to work. Mostly these are just simple paintings on paper, but I’m not in a hurry to embrace the entire beauty of the sunset at once. I’ll have plenty of time to complete and enrich my sketches afterwards combining all of them into one perfect sunset. I also like viewing and analyzing similar works by other artists to pick up a bit of wisdom 🙂 My favorite one is Leonid Afremov. This person has a rare eye for beauty! He knows how to work with color and light producing sceneries that instantly put you under some kind of a spell. His pictures are filled with a very special mood and it makes you see the world with different eyes. Despite using a rather elaborate technique, Leonid creates plain, simple paintings – like the one here! It’s so great I even put it on my desktop 🙂 What I like most about it is:

  • The incredible pinkishly violet color of the sky – soft and vibrant, dreamy and solemn at the same time.
  • Lovely red roofs staggered down the hill. Looks kind of cozy 🙂
  • Fabulous lighting and amazing atmosphere. This place seems to have emerged from some kind of a fairy tale – a quiet sleepy town living its unhurried life without realizing something unbelievable is about to happen any minute…

That makes me wonder what kind of miracles might be waiting for me down my street 🙂



Drama, drama, drama

You know how we all live in the grip of our problems and fears. Modern society is quite neurotic and, even if you are a calm person, a stressful environment can eventually make you crash under the weight of your inner issues. Most people prefer to ignore it. They just keep living their life without changing anything about it or even simply looking inside themselves to try and find out what’s broken. Instead, they hush painful emotions with short-term remedies like cigarettes, pills and parties. But the more you push to suppress something inside you, the stronger it grows. And one day nothing will just help you. You’ll have no other choice but to face that huge, scary shadow of yours. And it will take you much bigger effort and possibly also a lot of money on therapy to deal with it. So the earlier to pay attention to what’s really going on with you the better. There are many psychological techniques you can use on your own to fix yourself. The easiest is… right, meditation! But it shouldn’t be just some ready-to-use mainstream stuff you heard on TV. Of course, it won’t hurt you, but we’re all individual and you need to come up with an approach that works for you personally. Here is a video on how to meditate properly I found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wirV265ZYSw. I believe it will clear a few things up for you 🙂